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EVO Japan 2023 Cosplay Contest Notes

■Cosplay ContestEntry period: Friday, March 31, 9:00 - Saturday, April 1, 11:59Conditions for participation: Wearing a fighting game related cosplay and post a picture or video taken at the EVO Japan 2023 venue on Twitter.Nominees will be notified via Twitter DM.

■Cosplay Contest Notes
・Minors must have the consent of a parent or guardian to participate in the cosplay contest.
・Only those with public settings and direct mail permission will be considered.
・Prohibited items and terms and conditions will be in accordance with EVO Japan 2023 Cosplay Guidelines.
・If you do not attend the award ceremony of the category in which you were selected as a candidate on Saturday, April 1, you will not be eligible for the award.
・Submission of someone else's cosplay will not be eligible.
・The overall division winner's prize, an invitation to EVO 2023 from 8/2(Wed) to 8/5(Sat), is only available to the winner. Even if the winner is unable to travel to the event, the right cannot be transferred and cash cannot be provided.
・EVO Japan 2023 may be cancelled due to congestion or other reasons that interfere with the operation of EVO Japan 2023.
・If you wish to use photos or videos from the cosplay event for commercialization or advertising, please request permission in advance.

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