IMPORTANT UPDATE: Evo Japan 2024 Ticket Sales Deadline


IMPORTANT UPDATE: Evo Japan 2024 Ticket Sales Deadline
Evo Japan 2024 presented by ROHTO event registration for attendees will end soon.

Thank you for your continued support of Evo Japan.
To ensure a prioritized tournament experience and to prevent overcrowding at the venue, Evo Japan 2024 is limiting ticket sales with an updated purchase deadline.
The all-new Ariake GYM-EX event venue will be an exclusive and immersive space for Evo Japan.
Please note that even during the sales period, ticket sales are limited in quantity and may sell out before the deadline.

Physical paper/e-tickets must be presented at the venue entrance upon each entry.
Please pick-up all tickets (except for domestic e-ticket holders) at 7-Eleven stores in Japan prior to the event day and be sure to have it with you for entry.

Original Sales Deadline:
Until 23:59 on 26 April (Fri) JST | 7:59 PT
New and Updated Sales Deadline
Until 23:59 on 12 April (Fri) JST | 7:59 PT

Event tickets are required for all side tournaments and the cosplay competition.

Participants in the additional side tournaments will receive separate information from each game host/organizer on how to participate. Please contact the relevant tournament organizer if you have any questions.

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  • Qiddiya(キディヤ)
  • ソニー損保
  • ソニー銀行
  • PlayStation
  • 一本満足バー
  • キッコーマン
  • ディズニー+
  • Qanba
  • Qanba
  • HitBox
  • Hibino