A total of 8,966 people will gather! Notice of Sold-Out / End of Ticket Sales


A total of 8,966 people will gather! <Notice of Sold-Out / End of Ticket Sales>
EVO Japan 2024, presented by ROHTO, is pleased to announce that ticket sales ended on April 12, as tickets for all three days, including additional tickets, sold out.
As of April 13, a total of 8,966 people had registered EVO Japan 2024, surpassing last year's EVO Japan 2023, making it the highest-ever number of registrations.
Tickets are sold out, but all the action, including the finals, will be available to watch on live streaming for free on each of the platforms.
We will also be offering a variety of live commentary, watch parties, and other content for the enjoyment of our viewers. We hope you will join us and watch the exciting matches on our streaming service as well.


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  • Qiddiya(キディヤ)
  • ソニー損保
  • ソニー銀行
  • PlayStation
  • 一本満足バー
  • キッコーマン
  • ディズニー+
  • Qanba
  • Qanba
  • HitBox
  • Hibino