Guidelines for Streaming in the venue and Co-Streaming


Guidelines for Streaming in the venue and Co-Streaming
At EVO Japan 2024 presented by ROHTO, the newest event venue, Ariake GYM-EX, will be chartered and filled with EVO Japan all over.
Despite the decision to charge a fee, we were honored to have the highest number of competitors in our all-time high, and admission tickets were sold out, exceeding the number of tickets planned.

To further enhance the spectacle of one of Japan's largest fighting games, we accept the application of streaming in the venue and mirror streaming (“Co-Streaming”).
We look forward to seeing you share and spread the enthusiasm with your own expression!

We do not claim copyright infringement for streaming in accordance with these guidelines.
* Streaming by unregistered users is prohibited. Please follow the instructions below to register.
In addition, it is necessary to submit the streaming's viewership statistics after your streaming. (The data will be used to improve the experience of EVO Japan and EVO operations and streaming.)
Violations of these Guidelines, including those above, may be subject to reporting of rights violations and requests for the deletion of streaming and archives.
Streaming of Mainland China is exclusive to DouYu. Please do not register in this form and check the DouYu’s website(you will be transferred to an external website).

- Register this form by the following dates and times:
When you stream in the venue: April 24, 2024 (WED) 23:59 JST
When you only co-stream (not stream in the venue): April 26, 2024 (FRI) 23:59 JST
- Submit your streaming's viewership statistics (the number of (i) unique viewers, (ii) maximum concurrent viewers, (iii) average viewers, (iv) minutes watched and so on per the streaming) by May 7, 2024 (TUE) after completion of the streaming.
- Include the word "EVOJ24CoStream" in the title of your streaming.
- Comply with the following Prohibitions and Precautions.
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