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Update History

  • Stage select is now RANDOM only
  • Specified the setting of non-genuine controllers.


  • Version "THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV" for PlayStation®4 Pro
    The language setting and voice language will be Japanese.

Match Format

  • Double elimination format
    2/3 Games per Set.
    3/5 Games for Winners, Losers, and Grand Finals
  • Winner of prior game must keep same characters, but may change team order
  • Loser of prior game may switch characters and team order
  • Random stage select. (players may opt for an agreed stage)

Game Setup

  • 3-on-3 team battle
  • 60 count
  • There are no restrictions on the characters used.
  • Arrangement costumes can be used in this tournament.
  • The stage selection is random. It is possible to press LS/L3, press and hold the upper or lower buttons on the controller and press the decision.
  • If a double KO occurs in the final round and the game ends in a draw, the game will be played again on the same stage with the same characters.
  • After the game starts, if the game is interrupted by pressing the Option button or Share button before the round ends, or the controller connection is interrupted, the offending player will be given a loss.

Controller settings

  • The button settings in the game can be freely changed.
  • The macro function on the controller side, such as the continuous fire function, cannot be used.
  • Leverless controllers are available.
  • Your controller must adhere to the following:
    Operation other than movement [Weak attack, middle attack, strong attack, special technique, abilities (default: R1), throw (default: L1), guard (default: R2), overhead attack (default: L2)] Cannot be assigned to multiple input mechanisms.
    When moving with a direction key or button, the same movement cannot be assigned to multiple input mechanisms
    If the left and right direction inputs are entered at the same time, both inputs must be enabled or both inputs must be disabled
    If the up and down direction keys and/or buttons are entered at the same time, the up input must take priority
  • Peripheral devices (converters, etc.) are not provided by the event, so please bring your own as needed.