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Update History

  • The consoles used in the main tournaments have been changed from PlayStation®4 to PlayStation®4 Pro.

Common rules

  • The rules below are designed to ensure fair and smooth progress in the tournament. Unexpected situations may require special attention. Therefore, these tournament rules are subject to change without notice. Also, if the rules for individual titles conflict with the tournament's common rules, individual titles take precedence.
  • All personal information registered at the time of entry, including player name, age, and a portrait of the participant will be used for the purpose of tournament management and publicity.
  • During and after the tournament, the EVO Japan 2023 Executive Committee, tournament officials, and various media may take images and videos of participants, which may appear on websites, promotional materials, print media, and various media including broadcasts. Participants consent to this by entering the tournament.
  • Tournament participants must be at least 13 years old on the day of the tournament. If the participant is under 18 years of age, written consent from a parent or guardian is required. However, for THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV, MELTY BLOOD: TYPE LUMINA and TEKKEN 7, participants must be at least 15 years old on the day of the tournament.
    EVO Japan 2023 Participation Agreement for Contestants under 18 years old.PDF
  • Top 8 players need to make a contact with event host about perfrmance agreement.
  • Tournament schedules for each title and registration details will be announced at a later date.
  • Please bring your own controller.
    We plan to have a small number of arcade controllers available for loan, but please note that the number is limited.
    We will take a copy of your ID when lending out controllers.
  • The flow of the tournament day
    At the registration desk located in front of the entrance to the Tokyo Big Sight South Exhibition Halls 1 and 2, please pick up a pass for each title and enter your name and entry number. Please be sure to carry your valid ID (passport, driver's license, student ID, residence card, etc.) and the confirmation email you received when you registered on start.gg with you during the convention. Please confirm the convention rules and regulations before registering.
  • Details regarding registration on the day of the event will be announced at a later date.

EVO Japan 2023 Tournament Format

"The tournament will be a double elimination format. In the Grand Final, the winners of the Winner's Bracket and the winners of the Looser's Bracket will play each other. Players in the Winners Bracket need to win once to win the tournament, while players in the Losers Bracket need to win twice to win the tournament. The initial placement of the tournament will be adjusted so that players from the same region can play each other. What is Double Elimination?
Each player starts in the Winner's Bracket, and once they lose, they move to the Loser's Bracket. If they lose there, they will be eliminated.

Match Flow

Move to the designated pool by the designated time and call out to the judges.

  1. Selection of Playing Side
    In the tournament table, the player listed at the top will be the 1P side and the player listed at the bottom will be the 2P side (unless both players agree).
  2. Character Selection
    Before the start of the match, please inform the judges of the character you will be using. If you do not want your opponent to know which character you are using, you can ask the judge for a blind pick.
  3. Operation Check
    If you want to check the operation of your device, please notify a judge. Button checks and lever checks without a request may be considered as a match progression.
  4. Match Play
    During a match, the player who won the previous match may continue to use the same character. Players who lost the previous match may change characters.

    The game will end when either player wins the specified number of games.
    After the match, both players should report/confirm the result to the judges. Players who have another match to play should stay in the pool as long as possible. If you leave, be sure to let the judges know when you will return.

General Rules

  • If a player is late, he or she will be eliminated from the tournament.
  • Even if you are eliminated from the Winner's side, you can still participate from the Loser's side.
    Please check the meeting time from the Event Schedule on start.gg .
  • Unless otherwise specified in the additional rules for each title, all games will be played using the latest version of the game at the time of the event, with default settings.
  • You can freely change the in-game controller settings.
  • The use of macro functions on the controller, including continuous fire, is prohibited.
  • If a game is interrupted due to a pause, PS button, or controller trouble, the player who interrupted the game loses the round.
  • In the event of unforeseen trouble, the game will be resumed after recreating the situation as much as possible.
  • The next set shall start within 60 seconds after the end of a set.
  • In the event of a draw game, the match will be replayed under the same conditions.
  • Only DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controllers for PlayStation®4 can be used. However, failure to deactivate the pairing immediately after the match will result in disqualification.
  • Converters manufactured by Brook may be used. "Cronus Max Plus" and "Titan One" are prohibited.
  • Non-genuine controllers, including those of your own design, may be used. However, wiring multiple switches on the board is prohibited (please make sure that your controller works with PlayStation®4 before you bring it to the event. EVO Japan will not provide any guarantees if your controller does not work with PlayStation®4.
  • Legacy and arcade controllers may be available. However, EVO Japan makes no warranty if the controller does not work with PlayStation®4.
  • The referee may check the function of the controller at the discretion of the Management Office.
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