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  • Version "MELTY BLOOD: TYPE LUMINA" for PlayStation®4 Pro
    The language setting and voice language will be in Japanese.

Match Format

  • Double elimination format
    2/3 Rounds per Game, 2/3 Games per Set.
    3/5 Games for Winners, Losers, and Grand Finals

Game Setup

  • 99 count
  • 2/3 Rounds
  • Stage will be fixed to "Random Select". There are no restrictions on stage BGM.
  • *Any stage can be selected when the players agree with each other.
  • There are no character restrictions.
  • CUSTOMIZE COLOR will be available for all characters.

Controller Settings

  • The button settings in the game can be freely changed.
  • The macro function on the controller side, such as the continuous fire function, cannot be used.
  • Your controller must adhere to the following:
    Operation other than movement [Weak attack, middle attack, strong attack, special technique, abilities (default: R1), throw (default: L1), guard (default: R2), overhead attack (default: L2)] Cannot be assigned to multiple input mechanisms.
    When moving with a direction key or button, the same movement cannot be assigned to multiple input mechanisms.
    If the left and right direction inputs are entered at the same time, both inputs must be enabled, or both inputs must be disabled.
    If the up and down direction keys and/or buttons are entered at the same time, the up input must take priority.
    Legacy controllers are not allowed.
    ("Legacy controllers" refers to arcade sticks and controller devices that are native to the PlayStation®3)
    If players use a legacy controller device, that offending player will be disqualified. However, devices that are native to PS4 (and still work on PS3) will be allowed to be used.
    Peripheral devices (converters, etc.) are not provided by the event, so please bring your own as needed