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Tekken 7

Update History


  • Version "Tekken 7" for PlayStation®4 Pro

Game Setting

  • 60 second timer
  • VS MODE with 3 out of 5 rounds
  • 2/3 Games per Set. 3/5 Games for Winners, Losers, and Grand Finals
  • Stage picks will be "RANDOM" select.
    If the losing side changes characters after the next game, the stage of the next game must be by "RANDOM” select.
    If the player does not change character, they have the option to pick the stage.
  • Character Customization is not allowed.
  • Character preset costumes are allowed in the competition except for the following
    Jack-7: Preset 3 and 4 is not allowed.
    Gigas: Preset 3 is not allowed.
    The same preset may not be used by both players. If both players wish to use the same preset, there will be a tie-breaker to be decided by the tournament organizer or the tournament event organizer (if applicable) to determine who has priority in using the preset costume during the match.
    If character customization or any of the above presets is not available, the match may not be counted. Players must return to the lobby as soon as possible and resume the match, with one player waiting in the front for the remaining rounds.